TypeScript Arrays

Typescript provides Array data structure consisting of a collection of elements.

Declaration and Initialization

Multi Type Array : In typescript Array can have elements of multiple data types.

For mixed type of values ‘any‘ datatype is useful:

Add/ Insert items

Retrieve / Access array items

Remove items

Clone/ Merge Array

Methods supported by the Array:

push()Adds new elements to the array and returns the new array length
pop()Removes the last element of the array and return that element
sort()Sorts all the elements of the array
concat()Joins two arrays and returns the combined result
indexOf()Returns the index of the first match of a value in the array (-1 if not found)
copyWithin()Copies a sequence of elements within the array
fill()Fills the array with a static value from the provided start index to the end index
shift()Removes and returns the first element of the array
splice()Adds or removes elements from the array
unshift()Adds one or more elements to the beginning of the array
includes()Checks whether the array contains a certain element
join()Joins all elements of the array into a string
lastIndexOf()Returns the last index of an element in the array
slice()Extracts a section of the array and returns the new array
toString()Returns a string representation of the array