gRPC .Net Core sample with Stream call

Let’s create an application to use gRPC service in .Net Core to get stream of data from the server.Server:

gRPC Server:

In Visual Studio 2019 select ‘Create New Project’.

We will use the gRPC project template to get started. Select the gRPC template and create the project.

New project is created with GreeterService from the template. Let’s leave it here and create our own service.

Add stock.proto for service definition:

GetStockStream returns the stream of StockResponse

Right click project and Edit project file to verify proto file is included for code generation

Let’s create C# service class.

StockService derives the auto generated StockBase class.

In Startup.cs register the service:

Hit F5, and you can see the server is started:

gRPC Client:

Add new .net Core Console App to create service client.

Add following nuget packages to the client :

  • Google.Protobuf
  • Grpc.Net.Client
  • Grpc.Tools

Copy stock.proto to StockFeedClient project and edit the project file to generate the client code for stock service. Change GrpcServices = “Client” .

In Program.cs add following code make the service call:

class Program
static async void Main(string[] args)
var channel = GrpcChannel.ForAddress(“https://localhost:5001”);
var client = new Stock.StockClient(channel);

Note: If client code is not generated, make any change and save the proto file.


Hit F5 to start the server. Then right click on client project ‘Debug -> Start New Instance’ to start the client.

Following result will be displayed on client console: